My series of photographs, Maladies, uses traditional darkroom techniques to explore the perception of the standard of beauty in contemporary culture. By using combination printing, I layer various textures and natural patterns over photographs of Modernist-style nudes to create the illusion of skin ailments. Superimposing the illusion of skin ailments and imperfections upon the nude puts in to question the ideal of beauty, both in a contemporary and historical context, and prompts the viewer to question their perception of beauty and the nude.

Everyone has flaws, or what is perceived to be. Because of the way we have been conditioned to view beauty, we don’t accept our flaws, we perceive ourselves as unattractive. Maladies aims to break this negative perception of self. Layering apparent skin ailments on the nude, both men and women, I am embracing the imperfections that are present in us all, while celebrating the beauty of the silver gelatin print perfected by the photographers who came before me.