(Magical) Blarney

Okay guys, its been a hot minute (over 6 months) since I posted anything. Many things have changed, jobs, cities, life but the photographs are all still the same so I’m going to continue to share as if the whole world cares about my little photo blog.

Blarney was a magical, magical place.

Forget about the stone (which yes, I did stand in line and wait to kiss). The surrounding gardens of the castle are the reason to see Blarney. A short bus ride from Cork City, take the 215 to Woolen Mills, the drivers in Ireland are always helpful, and the castle grounds are just up the road.

The Gardens are gorgeous and hold a lot of folklore. There is a fun garden filled with poisonous plants, a fern garden, the Witch’s Stone and Wishing Steps, Druid stones, and so many flowers! I spent a good 3 hours wandering the gardens, even in the misting rain, but it was definitely worth it. I love anything folklore or witch related so making a wish and walking the steps with my eyes closed was exciting for me.



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